It is a technique capable of correcting and reprogramming the body’s incorrect perception of a substance.

This incorrect response, which involves various systems (nervous, biochemical, immune, endocrine and psychic) ​​occurs due to the incompatibility of the substance with the electromagnetic field of the person and can generate disturbances in an energetic or generalized district.

Once the incompatibility has been detected, the incorrect answer is corrected in order to deactivate the disturbance in the person’s energy-information system: by changing cellular memories and interaction in the energy system, balance is restored in the person.

The person is therefore not treated on the basis of the symptoms he presents but in its entirety and complexity.

Imbalances manifest themselves in the matter as disease, and although some people may experience similar symptoms, treatment of the same always comes personalized in order to restore harmony and balance and, consequently, lead to the disappearance of the disease.

We assume that everything is in a state of vibration, movement and that this vibration transmits information:

Each cell vibrates and aggregates with others by resonance exchanging biochemical responses through vibrations.

The body is therefore a set of organs and systems that generate our unique sound: we can therefore compare it to an orchestra in which each individual instrument or group of instruments has its own sound, its own vibration.

When we are in full health, at maximum vitality, the orchestra plays harmoniously and effectively; if, on the other hand, some instrument runs out of time or does not follow the director or the director does not conduct as it should, disharmonies are generated which in the body result in a disease that can involve an organ, a system or the whole organism.

Inside the body there is a three-dimensional grid made of light-energy lines to which Rudolf Steiner gives the name of the etheric body, which is invisible but no less real and important than the physical body.

This grid was mapped by Chinese Medicine (TCM) which outlined actual paths, specific points and their functions.

TRM is a method in which various medical philosophies of Eastern origin, Western theories as well as epigenetics, botany, nutrition and chiropractic meet and combine.

It was born 30 years ago from the intuition of a brilliant doctor who took care of and addressed allergy sufferers.

As already mentioned, it is assumed that everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration, whether it is a food, a person, an environment, a place, etc .: everything has its own frequency.

If the vibration of a certain thing or food somehow interferes with the frequency of a meridian that carries energy nourishment, it will begin to “play” in a distorted way and consequently receive incorrect information, manifesting for example a digestive or other disorder.

If the interference occurs, for example, at the level of the Lung meridian, a respiratory or dermatological disorder will manifest itself since, according to Chinese Medicine, the skin is governed by the lung meridian.

The same substance can cause different ailments in different people.

The reason for the blockage of one or more meridians or of the entire system is therefore due to the vibrational interference that generates an incorrect interpretation by the brain.

With the TRM we work with the frequency that generates the interference in order to restore new, correct information and show the system that that frequency is not dangerous for it.

Therefore, a reprogramming takes place through the stimulation of acupuncture lines and specific points, which are able to remove the block and give a new input to the energy system by modifying the information of the substance perceived by the person in a functional way.

The brain associates emotional states with substances: for example, if we are at the table in company and someone is fighting heavily, it can happen that the brain of someone present associates the food they are eating with the unpleasant emotion of the moment.

This mechanism can occur in all areas:

in a child in conflict with a subject or teacher, an emotional short circuit can be generated towards that subject or person, which will manifest difficulties and discomfort every time he has to relate to them.

The “material” brain always seeks a person responsible for unpleasant experiences, the first possible responsible and, from the moment it identifies it, establishes a protection program: do not assimilate that food and, in the best of cases, develop a simple intolerance or allergy to it.

It is possible to reprogram the information regardless of the cause that generated the distortion and this happens in the physical, mental and emotional fields.

During the TRM path, important changes take place on all levels such as to generate changes in the person’s life path: the quality of the internal flow changes, the person’s energy, work, his path, leading to living in coherence with themselves and to do what deeply resonates and expresses their essence.

For example, a person who seeks treatment for his eczema before seeing his symptom disappear will find himself making changes that will lead him to take his own path.

In my experience, the physical symptom is in fact the last to disappear.

The TRM path is personalized and, although there is a basic protocol made up of 20 steps, everyone will do it at their own pace.

In my experience, most people who arrive do so, after trying other avenues with no success or complete satisfaction.

TRM is a wonderful tool that respects the times and individual peculiarities, which allows us to accompany people on the path of a profound harmonization that leads to much deeper changes than mere symptomatic healing.

We know who we are yet to discover who might we’ll become

We know who we are yet to discover who might we’ll become