Biodynamic Craniosacral is a harmonization technique that follows the so-called “Breath of Life” and uses delicate touches resulting effective from an energetic, physical and spiritual point of view.

During a session we enter into connection with the “Universal Force of Health” and with the “Force Conditioned by Experiences”: these invisible forces inform us of the rhythms of the body and their movements.

The “Universal Force of Health” is the organizing force of Life itself, it has its own movement and rhythm, it fluctuates in all living beings and in nature and, moreover, it creates and maintains life thanks to its intelligence.

When there are no blocks in the body, mind and spirit flow freely and we can experience and enjoy a state of health and balance.
Life experiences, often traumatic, influence the natural movement of the “Life-creating Force” generating blocks that affect health and are called “Conditioning Forces of Experiences”.
The energies remained trapped, the tensions, the difficulties, the beliefs, the traumas of birth, the accidents, wounds, the difficulties we encounter as well as the illnesses make you lose the connection with the intrinsic intelligence of the Universal Force of Health.

Living beings – their bodies and their minds – naturally know the need to heal and are therefore capable of self-healing.

This innate intelligence of self-regulation and healing, due to the Force conditioned by the Experiences, can be disconnected in the course of life with the consequence that the intrinsic healing plan is compromised.

Our functioning and consequently the state of well-being are shaped by the interaction between the Universal Force of Health and that Conditioned by Experiences.

In Biodynamic Craniosacral both are listened to and oriented towards their relationship, allowing the former to dissolve the blocks in a safe, loving and profound way. The “Blueprint of Health” is responsable of the creation of the human being (energies, genes, movements, DNA and fluids).

The “Breath of Life”, on the other hand, deals with the organization of physiology, cell metabolism, emotional states, the mind and finally the spiritual experience.

Numerous scientific researches now attest to the effectiveness of the Cranio Sacral technique of which there are different approaches: some focus on physical well-being, others on psychic, others on spiritual aspects and still others on interpersonal relationships.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, Craniosacral Biodynamics is currently recognized by the health system and covered by health insurance.
In Europe it is used by doctors, naturopaths, midwives and holistic practitioners.

My Craniosacral teacher, Professor Paolo Casartelli teaches a method in which the developments of the discipline in the last hundred years converge.
Returning to the discipline, it is based on the assumption that the natural forces called “Breath of Life” reach the embryo, generating the Blue imprint in its fluids, which will act as a guide for its formation and growth.
When we work with the client, the “Breath of Life” acts through its fluids, generating a matrix and an intelligent order system containing information on growth and health in their maximum expression. This order is established around the midline of the core and its importance is given by the organization it generates on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.
During embryonic life, the first meridians Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai are formed.

The practitioner, during the session, has the role of creating the ideal conditions so that the client’s self-healing forces can act effectively and to do this he relies on his deep and intrinsic intelligence; he dialogues with the intelligence of the client’s body, inviting the processes to re-emerge from traumas and blocks in a safe way towards their resolution, bringing benefits to the person’s overall life.

The practitioner therefore supports and follows the intrinsic treatment plan that the Breath of Life has designed specifically for the person.

Thanks to Craniosacral Biodynamics we learn to align ourselves with our deepest part, thus allowing our intrinsic intelligence to correct the deviations on the path of healing of body, mind and spirit, in order to follow the most authentic priorities and needs.

In nature, healing occur in the Quiet.

Meditation, prayer and contemplation all take place in a state of quiet. That Stillness that animals use to recover from emergency situations or vital danger.
In fact, Quiet allows physiology and the mind to listen to the “here and now”, in which there is no longer need to do but only to be.
In the state of Quiet, profound insights are made available and a feeling of peace is generated as well as the ability to respond to adversity and the complexities of life. During the session the practitioner facilitates these spaces of Quiet by creating, with empathy and a neutrality without judgment, a protected environment that allows the client to connect, metaphorically and physiologically, to the Original Matrix and to the intentions of the Breath of Life.
If you want to embark on this journey of self-healing and reconnection, you will be received in a welcoming and safe space so that you can freely contact and express your emotions and everything that might emerge.
You will be able to hear the various rhythms of the Breath of Life and understand the conditions necessary for your deeper healing.
I hope that you can experience the beauty of this journey of sensory exploration of Consciousness and that it can benefit you and constitute for you a precious tool of self-knowledge.

Blessings to each of you

In nature, healings occur in the Quiet.

In nature, healings occur in the Quiet.