I was born in Mexico City into a wonderful family, blessed with the knowledge of all our ancestors and very grateful for their existence.

I am the eldest of four, including a sister and two brothers, now all a little scattered around the planet.
We grew up in the most amazing city I know and for a few years on the shores of the Pacific.
Life has been very generous to me, showering me with gifts since my arrival on this Earth: joyful moments with the many relatives of my parent’s branches, adventures around the world, wonderful people met along the way, my two amazing and beloved sons, extraordinary beings, who have taught me the miracle of becoming a mother. I see them as angels in my life. And of course the love of my life, who supports me by all means.

I graduated in Architecture (1987-92 UIA) and I took a Masters in Interior Design at the IED (1993-95) in Milan.

I worked as an architect both in Mexico and in Italy until the birth of my second child in 2003, after which a completely different chapter of life opened up for me.

The passion for architecture was followed by that for medicine which led me to undertake growth and training courses, mainly focused on the theme that is dear to me:

The maintenance and restoration of homeostasis and therefore of health.

I have always wanted to understand the reason for the disharmonies that manifest themselves as symptoms and discomfort and, above all, I wanted to study and understand the underlying causes.
After my second child a completely different chapter of life opened up for me.
In 2007 studies resumed; in 2012 we moved to San Diego where I trained in Chinese Medicine, Tuina and Acupuncture at PCOM.

Back in Italy studies continued to deepen my knowledge and skills, in the School TAO di Milano concluding my path with a thesis on Tuina and complementary techniques.
Along the way I met the Total Reset Method (TRM) which was born as an anti-allergic technique thus, over time, has evolved and enriched becoming able to reprogram cellular memories and neutralize the incompatibilities of frequencies that disturb the balance of people in the their entirety, regardless of the cause.

The Total Reset formations are:

  1. Naet 2016, Ines Olivari
  2. Total reset Congres 2017 Lyon,
  3. I,II, III Levels Vicenza 2017, I.O.
  4. Anaphylaxis 2017, I.O.
  5. Autoimmune illnesses Lyon 2019, M.D.
  6. Cancer Chales-Les-Eaux 2019, Michel Depeyrot
  7. Lyon Congres 2018,
  8. Dialogue with the brain Lyon 2019, Gandolfi
  9. Covid 2020, Andrea Kuper
  10. Pre-birth and birth Paris 2021. Michele Flory

I love to integrate techniques and continue to explore and offer clients a wide range of treatment options, so I have done other training:

  • Raindrop Massage 2018
  • Neck Treatment Tao 2018
  • MTC Auriculotherapy 2018,
  • Tuina and Chinese Medicine school TAO 2017-2020
  • MTC Pediatric Tuina Bases 2019, Elisa Rossi
  • MTC Pediatric Tuina Advanced 2020 E.R.
  • MTC Pediatric Tuina Perfecting 2020 E. R.
  • MTC Polse and Tongue 2020, Massimo Muccioli
  • MTC Physiognomics 2021, M. M.
  • Craniosacral with Paolo Casartelli 2020-2022
  • Kambo practitioner formation IAKP 2021, Jose Luis del Solar.
  • Sacred Plants 2012

I opened a holistic studio in Milan in 2019 to meet and receive people who want to find balance and harmony

I opened a holistic studio in Milan in 2019 to meet and receive people who want to find balance and harmony